IL&FS Maritime Infrastructure Company Ltd
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Milestones Capabilities
  • Holistic Approach
    • IMICL’s approach of in-house management of the complete project life cycle including identification, conceptualisation, structuring, development and implementation and operations of maritime and logistics sector projects, enables integrated development in a sustainable manner. IMICL believes in establishing and nurturing strong relationships with all its stakeholders and creating value for all

  • Diversified Asset Portfolio
    • IMICL has created a portfolio of diversified assets in terms of operations, locations and cargo and in various stages of development, implementation, commissioning as well as commissioned projects thus offering a significantly valuable and scalable business platform

  • Experience Management Team
    • IMICL has a well experienced and capable multi-disciplinary team who has on an average xperience of over 15 years of planning, management and implementation in the infrastructure sector. IMICL also benefit from the liaison its management team has developed with State and Central government entities and various financial institutions

  • Established Management System
    • IMICL has a well-established environment and social policy and framework applicable to all its projects for impact assessment and mitigation in a sustainable manner. IMICL also has risk management framework which enables identification of risks, risk rating and place risk reduction controls throughput the project life-cycle thereby de-risking the project to a large extent

  • Strong Patronage
    • IMICL’s Promoter, IL&FS, has a very impressive track record of promoting and financing public infrastructure projects in India and draws significant goodwill and expertise of IL&FS Group for expanding its business and for financing of projects